The Milwaukees in Highland Park, NJ
8:30 pm20:30

The Milwaukees in Highland Park, NJ

  • Pino's Wine Cellar & Lounge

Five reasons you should go to this show:

  1. The show is free!
  2. Jeff's side project, Magic Mountain (also featuring members of Bionic Rhoda and Duochrome) is also playing. The curiosity factor alone is worth getting out of the house for, right?
  3. The Rock and Roll Hi-Fives is a features a full family of rockers. Seriously. Dad, Mom, and kids. And did I mention Dad was in Plug Spark Sanjay? You gotta see it. So cool.
  4. We're trying out new material. You can tell your friends you heard it here first.
  5. When was the last time you said "fuck it" and just went to a show for fun?

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9:00 pm21:00

The Milwaukees at the Court Tavern

  • The Court Tavern

We'll be joining our friends 4444, Duochorme, Eastern Anchors, and Zero For Conduct for some old fashioned Hub City Rock and Roll. Show starts at 9:00 PM Sharp!

The Milwaukees at Kroghs
Jun 28

The Milwaukees at Kroghs

  • Krogh's

We'll be joining our friends Pilot to Gunner and Jason Kundrath. Come hang out and have fun with us.

at Krogh's
23 White Deer Plz, Sparta, New Jersey 07871